The Surveillance Society

Commentary____________________________________________________________________________03.01. 02

We live in a controlled society.
Surveillance cameras are sprouting up everywhere- on street corners, on tops of buildings, in shopping malls, in police cars, in sports stadiums, inside public buses etc...

In more than 100 communities in a dozen states in the USA, traffic light cameras digitially ticket drivers for running red lights or speeding. The city of London, England, the world's financial capital for the 21st century, now has more surveillance cameras watching people than any other major city in the world. London law enforcement make no apologies to note that every street, particularily in the metropolitan areas, are surveilled by at least one or more cameras.

In addition to surveillance cameras, personal information regarding one's identity, bank transactions, medical and criminal records, as well as telephone and computer communications are all increasingly being retrieved, stored and analyzed in what is becoming, for all intents and purposes, a single global database.

Already the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) knows who you are, where you live, where you work, how much you earn, whether you're married, have kids, own a house, give to charity, have investments etc... Increasingly, as well, federal agencies are sharing and comparing what they know about individuals. According to Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas), "the federal government is by far the worst violator of our privacy". In October, 2001, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ordered wireless phone manufacturers to begin equipping their phones so that Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites can pinpoint their location at any time, anywhere on the planet.

Recently, representatives from the US FBI's Strategic and Operations Center in Washington, DC met with AOL, Earthlink and other large Internet Service Providers (ISP) to let the bureau legally monitor their e-mail traffic and web browser information.

Already a vast network of antennaes and communications eavesdropping capabilities exist with Project Eschelon, a joint US/UK venture which monitors all land, radio, telephone, internet and satellite communications throughout the world.
Contrary to public belief, the Y2K (Year 2000) computer crash scare was intentionally used as a cover to funnel billions of dollars into providing computer and surveillance infrastructure and upgrade to states and nations so as to better monitor and control their own populations.

The world's military and intellegence establishment, built-up and fortified since the advent of the Cold War in 1945, is now currently being restructured or retrofitted to become a global Big Brother human control and surveillance system.

The proliferation of barcodes, infra-red scanners and point of service (POS) terminals used to identify, buy and sell products and services worldwide is also indicative of a growing computerized/surveillance society. Future plans are to eventually eliminate the need for cash and credit cards and move into a cashless money system, first with the introduction and use of the National ID Card and later via an invisible laser tatoo personal barcode (i.e. US- Social Security Number) to be put on one's right hand or forehead--- euphemistically known as the "Mark of the Beast".


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