Radiation, Global Eugenics
and the Depopulation Agenda

"Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better...and the catastrophe toward which
this world is headed- the ecological, social, demographic, or general breakdown of civilization- will be unavoidable"
-Vaclav Havel, President of Czechoslovakia

Radiation is lethal to human beings. It is lethal, as well, to all other forms of life on Earth. Currently, there is a massive campaign funded and orchestrated by the International Rothschild Jewish Banking Cartel (the richest and most powerful transnational empire on earth) to use radiation to reduce the world's population to what they consider to be "manageable" levels- somewhere between 2-3 billion. The current world population as of 2014 now stands at over 7 billion.

There are a number of ways this is being done. First, it must be duly noted that exposure to most forms of radiation induces cancer in the human body. From chemotherapy to chest and dental X-rays, to natural exposures from excessive sunshine, to cosmic rays received from airline flights, to fields of background radiation in the air we breath, the ground we walk upon and in the soils in which we grow and consume our food, radiation already permeates our lives and existence to a large degree.

Beyond these exposure levels though, deliberate campaigns are now underway to bombard the masses with lethal doses of radiation specifically designed to maim, sterilize and kill. These include; the new naked body scanners at our airports, fleets of roving vans with ionizing X-rays illegally searching and bombarding people and residences, Department of Homeland Security TSA viper team checkpoints on our interstate highways forcing motorists to drive through high intensity X-ray search portals, the irradiation of our food and water (for so-called "sterilization" purposes), the use and proliferation of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and cell phone towers, 24 hr electromagnetic bombardment from global generating grids such as HAARP (of which at least 70 now exist worldwide), the use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions used by combat forces in areas of military conflict throughout the world (most notably in Iraq) and, last but not least, through the use of nuclear power station emissions across the planet.

Beyond the fact that nuclear generated waste will remain radioactive for millions (if not billions) of years, one cannot think of a more idiotic way to produce electricity than with nuclear power. Currently, there is no known "safe' way to dispose of nuclear contaminated waste, despite what industry officials proclaim. ALL nuclear power plants throughout the world need to be immediately decommissioned and shut-down, particularly those plants sitting on active earthquake faults.

The recent nuclear meltdowns in Japan bear special note in this campaign to irradiate and kill the masses of people (and all other life) on Earth. Clearly, this a global eugenics operation of the highest order. These meltdowns and the preceeding tsunami that swept away northern Japan were obviously induced by a HAARP or other electromagnetic frequency weapon facility somewhere on the planet. Since most of the military industrial complexes worldwide are owned and controlled by the Jewish Rothschild Empire (headquartered in the CITY of London, UK), it is blatantly clear to anyone that this nuclear disaster is being used to drastically 'cull the masses' and subsequently reduce the world's population through radioactive contamination.

The primary fallout for this massive radiological release is, of course, Japan itself. But downwind of Japan lies the United States and the rest of the northern hemisphere where the majority of the industrialized nations on Earth are located. Japanese nuclear fallout from this disaster is easily AT LEAST 100 times worse than the Chernobyl disaster (which ended up killing over 1 million people worldwide). Instead of one core reactor melting down, as with Chernobyl, there are up to 3 nuclear reactors burning (melting down) at the Fukushima plant, releasing hundreds of tons of highly radioactive material into the ocean environment and atmosphere, some of which will remain lethal for millions (if not billions) of years. These radioactive emissions will go on killing life for generations to come.

Of course, the Jew World Order is NOT going to tell you that they are killing you, you would rebel in a heartbeat. Rather, they ignore, under report, downplay and even as with recent statements by right wing whores such as Ann Coulter, tell you that radiation is actually good for you!

From the perspective of these global eugenicists, radiation is the perfect means to exterminate the masses with because it is an invisible killer, it cannot be seen. It is silent and stealth, bringing with it cancer, leukemia and ultimately death to all who are exposed. Radiation also sterilizes like no other substance in existence, and when it comes to reducing the world's fertility rate, there is no better way.

The plan to use all forms of deadly radioactive and electromagnetic radiation to kill off the masses of people on Earth is now in full operation. This is an act of planetary genocide (and ecocide) brought to us by the same people who brought us Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Reagan, Bush and the rest of today's modern day butchers. All efforts must now be made to go after these puppeteers, expose them and ultimately bring them to justice for their crimes against humanity. All life is sacred on Earth. Let us not allow a handful of fascist Jewish meglo-maniacs destroy the flower of God's creation.

Craig Stevens
Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley, California
United States


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