The Great Holocaust:
World Hunger/Global Starvation/Planetary Famine

World Hunger and Starvation is a major global problem.

    Already, at the dawn of the 21st century, 40 million men, women and children (that's roughly 7 Jewish holocausts) perish annually- that's EVERY YEAR- from hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition. Out of the roughly 100,000-150,000 who die every day around the world, roughly 40,000 of these are children.

    In 1900, there were approximately 1 billion people inhabiting the Earth. Today, in 2013, that number is well over 7 billion- an unprecedented and exponential increase in 100 years of human history.

    China and India, the two most populous nations on the planet (both with well over a billion inhabitants each), as well as the poor, undeveloped and developing nations that comprise the continents of Asia, Africa and Latin America, will continue to bear the brunt of world hunger and global starvation. Africa is by far the poorest and least developed continent harboring the poorest of the poor and the most destitute worldwide.

    Today, up to 3 billion people in the world are chronically starving and malnurished. By contrast, the United States throws away 100 billion tons of food a year. Of a total of 7.2 billion people worldwide (in 2013), roughly 1.7 billion live on less than US$ 1 a day. 2.4 billion lack access to clean water. 3 billion live without decent sanitation.

    Solving and ending world hunger and global starvation will require alot. First and foremost must be the immediate cessation of a nearly US$ 1.5 trillion dollar global military budget. Funds instead must be re-directed towards creating healthy, organic, largely vegetarian lifestyles and solutions.

    Sustainable ecological/economic development with heavy emphasis on recycling, protecting and preserving local, regional and global environmental resources must become paramount. Green businesses that promote care, compassion and nuturance rather than greed, exploitation and profit, are also an important factor in transforming our global society into one that can survive the 21st century.

    The continued promotion of the corporate/commercial "green revolution" and the introduction and use of genetically engineered foods will only further harm the environment in the long term as well as exacerbate the non-sustainability factor and drastically undermine the prospect of feeding the world's poor and hungry in the immediate years and decades to come. GMO foods are purposely designed to sterilize and soft kill (with cancer and other terminal diseases) the vast majority of the mass populace as part of a global eugenics campaign to depopulate the planet. This must come to and END immediately. Let us serve LIFE and NOT DEATH.

    Currently, there is enough food grown on the planet to provide every single man, woman and child with approximately 3500 calories of nutrition per day (a normal healthy diet takes in between 2000- 2500 calories per day). Feeding the world is attainable if given the will and the priority of the peoples and nations to make it so. An evolving/advanced world civilization will REQUIRE that feeding its people become a high priority goal to be met and attained.

Steve Jones
Mt Shasta, California



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