The Mother of All
Global Eugenics Programs

"Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better...and the catastrophe toward which
this world is headed- the ecological, social, demographic, or general breakdown of civilization- will be unavoidable"
-Vaclav Havel, President of Czechoslovakia

Global Warming, euphemistically known as Global Climate Change, has become, and is now today, the Mother of all Global Eugenics programs.

The International fascist/nazi JEWISH Rothschild elite, headquartered in the CITY of London, UK, are doing everything in their power NOT to address and ameliorate the threat that global climate change represents for this planet. In fact, their policies are designed to create and intensify the problem by purposely promoting a gluttonous gas-guzzling SUV lifestyle and ensuring that global climatic environmental concerns never saw the light of day.

Global Climate Change is now completely out of control and is slated to destroy the lives of BILLIONS of human beings -and all other sentient life- on the planet in the not to distant future.

The planet's precious ecosystems, on which all life on Earth depends, will soon suffer colossal degrees of breakdown and collapse, plunging agricultural, hydrological and meteorological cycles into complete chaos, in turn, bringing droughts, famine, pestilence and world misery to a large portion of human civilization.

Access to food and water, the basics of continued human life on Earth, will be particularily affected, decreasing in availability and increasing in scarcity and price, leaving only famine, starvation, devastation and desertification in its wake.

As part of an integrated global eugenics plan to "cull the masses", the International JEWISH Rothschild Banking Cartel has put global climate change at the very top of its global eugenics agenda. The human race is complete in overshoot at 7 billion people (as of 2013), and must, therefore, be cut back to between 2-3 billion in order for the Earth's sustainable "carrying capacity" to be restored, as the logic goes...

This, of course, means orchestrated and manufactured DEATH on a massive scale, and will make Stalin, Mao and Hitler's eugenics programs pale in comparison.

All of this could have easily been avoided if a sustainable development/alternative energy path (solar, wind and anti-gravity etc...) had been pursued decades ago, but the insane desire for power, priviledge and profit took precedence over the planet's ecological survival requirements.

Under the current Rothschild Global Warming Eugenics Agenda, global deforestation and desertification operations will continue unabated. The advent of a Solar/Alternative Free Energy Revolution will continue to be artificially held back. The gluttonous gas-guzzling American lifestyle will continue to metastisize and proliferate its madness into every corner of the globe. A fascist corporate technocratic media-academic-intelligence-information-military state security world conglomerate will continue to debunk, delegitimize and discredit global environmentalists who are shouting from the rooftops trying to WARN the world about the supreme threat that global climate change represents for our collective future.

Billions of dollars, pounds, euros, yen etc.. will continue to be pumped into creating a massive global spy and surveillance computer information control grid, designed solely to keep the masses in line, criminalize all resistance and dissent and regulate/relegate all present and future financial transactions to the interests of the state.

Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
London, UK
European Union